Young Scholar Membership


Temenos Academy Young Scholars is open to anyone aged 18-35 years who wishes to take part in the Study Days. Young Scholars may on request receive the Temenos Academy termly programme or monthly email newsletter and / or join as ordinary Members of Temenos by making a donation.

Since the first one in 2015, the Study Days include talks by keynote speakers and contributions from the Young Scholars themselves and are entirely free of charge.

For those who are interested, Young Scholars may propose and submit an original paper on a topic of their choice written in a way that emulates the first five of the ‘Ten Basic Principles’ that inspire the work of Temenos:

Acknowledgement of Divinity
Love of Wisdom, as the essential basis of civilization
Spiritual vision as the life-breath of civilization
Maintenance of the revered traditions of mankind
Understanding of tradition as continual renewal


The subject may be drawn from the Humanities in general – art, philosophy, poetry, religion. For guidance we suggest looking at the work of the numerous contributors to the Temenos Academy Review over the last 18 years. The essay should be between 2,000 and 4,000 words in length.

Essays will be appraised by the Temenos Academy Academic Board or a Temenos Academy Fellow. If accepted, the author will be entitled to Membership of the Academy and a free subscription to the Temenos Academy Review until the age of 35.

Essays of exceptional merit will be considered for publication in the Temenos Academy Review.

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