Welcome to the Temenos Young Scholars website! A meeting place for young adults who have taken part in the study days or conferences; or who would like to come along. Any writing that the young scholars wish to present can be found in the blog section of the site. The essay archive shows work appraised by the academic board that granted membership to active Temenos Young Scholars.

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Upcoming Events

Attention and Ritual 

Featuring lectures by distinguished academics and Young Scholar papers

Keynote Speakers:  Dr Elizabeth Powell, [others t.b.a.]

Date:  Saturday 3rd of June

Venue:  Divinity Faculty, Cambridge

The Theme: The words Attention and Ritual each ring of something at the heart of Civilisation. While both feature in popular, current discourse around technology, institution, and general human wellbeing, their deeper connotations call to be examined. Why, in previous ages, were the practices, rites and ceremonies of a people matters of the highest significance? Putting them together encourages, from the start, an imaginative aspect in enquiry, bringing out connections and suggestive unities between things, complementing the differentiating mode of enquiry. Thus we invite young students of Philosophy, Theology, Religion, Literature, The Sciences, Traditional Arts, and any related discipline, to open up the topics of Attention and Ritual in a profoundly open-ended way.




Call for Young Scholar Papers: Students who are interested in giving a short paper are urged to notify the organisers through the registration form and will be contacted about proceedings. 



Organised by Young Scholars Kamil Sawicki, Florence Daisy Harry, Hina Khalid


The Work of Temenos

The Basic Principles that Inspire the Work of Temenos


1. Acknowledgement of Divinity.

2. Love of Wisdom, as the essential basis of civilisation.

3. Spiritual vision, as the life-breathe of a civilisation.

4. Maintenance of the revered traditions of mankind.

5. Understanding of tradition as continual renewal.

6. The provision of teaching by the best teachers available of their disciplines, and of publications which set the highest standard in both content and design.

7. Mindfulness that the purpose of teaching is to enable students to apply in their own lives that which they learn.

8. To make Temenos known to all those who may benefit from its work.

9. Reminding ourselves and those we teach to look up and not down.

10. Governance of the Temenos Academy itself in the light of the above principles.



The Temenos Academy is an educational charity which offers education in
philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West.
The Greek word ‘temenos’ means ‘a sacred precinct’.

Blog & Record of Events

‘Deep roots are not reached by the frost’: The Inklings and the Western Tradition

February 2019 The Temenos Young Scholars met at The Kilns in Oxfordshire for another day of exploration, meeting students and academics of the Humanities, and attending seminar presentations. Temenos’ own Grevel Lindop, who is a poet, writer and former Professor of Romantic and Early Victorian Studies at Manchester university gave a seminar entitled ‘Charles Williams, …


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