Tradition in the 21st Century

     In February of 2020, the Temenos Young Scholars met in London for another day full of academic presentations from eclectic disciplines and fields of scholarship.

The keynote lectures were:

Dr. Joseph Milne; Citizenship and the Cosmic Sense

Eddie Barnett; Folk Memory and The Diggers

The Young Scholar Presentations of The Day (and recordings):


Aristel Škrbic; Tradition: Between Preservation and Change

Kamil Sawicki; Difficulty in Reading a Keats Sonnet in the 21st Century

       Hina Khalid; Intercultural Boundaries in the Classical Punjabi Love Story Hir-Ranjha       

Andrew Brookman; Know Thyself: Tradition and Self-Knowledge in Emmanuel Carrere’s The Kingdom

          Adele Guyton; Re-reading the Mabinogion in The Assembly of the Severed Head          

Tom Dupre; Rotting Fruit: T.S Eliot and the 1890s

(As with all posts on this page, talks are listed in order of the day’s timetable)

Known to many of the Young Scholars, Dr Joseph Milne is a Fellow of the Temenos Academy. He initiated The Temenos Young Scholars ten years ago. Since the founding of the Academy he has been giving seminars on Shakespeare throughout each term. He also teaches the Christian Mysticism module on the Temenos Foundation Course in the Perennial Philosophy.

Aside from his Temenos engagements, he is editor of Land&Liberty, the magazine of the Henry George Foundation.

Until his retirement in 2013 he was lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Kent, specialising in mysticism and the art of reading primary texts.

Over the last twelve years Dr. Milne has been studying Natural Law as conceived in Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics and Medieval Christianity. He has just been commissioned by a publisher to write a book on Natural Law.

Dr. Milne’s talk, entitled Citizenship and the Cosmic Sense, is available here as a recording:

Eddie Barnett worked for seven years as an A-Level Philosophy teacher before leaving teaching to spend more time on education. He now runs a tuition agency and is currently researching the nature of memory in connection with land use.

His talk is available here as a recording, Folk Memory and The Diggers. Images below go with the talk:


As well as his talk, Eddie’s blog page addresses these matters of land use, linked here. He can be contacted through his blog page (twitter account therein), or his email can be provided upon request from the administrator of this website.


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