Young Scholar’s Day 3: Making A Good Society

On the Summer of 2017 we came together as a group of young philosophers, artists, musicians and poets for a day of learning and discussion. The day was themed Making A Good Society and was explored from angles of Ancient Philosophy, poets and playwrights,  contemporary debates of Political Philosophy and Traditional Art.

Talks were given by Valentin Gerlier and Dr Joseph Milne who teach regularly at the Temenos Academy and are both members of its Academic Board. Recordings of their talks are posted here.

Valentin Gerlier: the Good Society and the Poets

Dr Joseph Milne: The Cosmos, Earth and City


The Day was organized by Young Scholars Sebastian Arnold, a student at Kings College London; Aristel Skrbic, a student at KU Leuven; and Kamil Sawicki. It was held at St James Senior Boy’s School in Ashford, Surrey, a school which offers a distinctive philosophical education and a venue generously made available.

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